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Hellan Strainers are used in U.S. Navy ships in sea water cooling of electronic equipment (i.e., sonar, radar, close in weapon systems, etc.), lube oil, firemain systems, and fuel filtration.

Hellan Fluid Strainers and Filtration Systems are used worldwide in offshore rigs and in refineries and petrochemical plants.



The Hellan Strainer design provides solids removal without interrupting the fluid flow. Instead of trapping solids in a basket which then must be removed for frequent clean-outs, the Hellan Strainer removes the solids from fluid without stopping the flow or disassembling the strainer. The sequence of operation is illustrated to the right. Match numbers below to the illustration.


1. Fluid passes into the strainer and through a screen.

2. A deflection rib protects the screen from large objects.

3. The screened fluid flows out of the strainer and into service.

4. Rotating the screen, by either handwheel or motor, moves the outer screen surface against a scraper bar. The scraper bar removes collected debris from the screen's outer surface.

5. Debris moves to the sump area of the strainer where it is removed by eriodic flushing.

Special features provide convenience and high performance.

6. Large inspection ports, sealed with O-rings, permit easy, external adjustment of the scraper bar. Multiple screen models size 4 in. and larger, plus 3 in. single screen models.

7. O-rings at the screen cover plate and shaft provide a tight seal while allowing operation at low torque.


Operating features that provide real benefits.

  • Eliminate downtime for solids removal. The Hellan Strainer allows users to eliminate solids and debris from fluids without stopping the flow of the fluid. Processes requiring the fluid continue uninterrupted.
  • Employees are not exposed to possible contaminates. Debris that may include contaminates and hazardous materials is removed from the fluid flow without disassembly of the strainer. Maintenance personnel and other employees do not come into contact with this debris.
  • Minimum labor requirements for solids removal. The Hellan Strainer reduces the time required to remove solids from the fluid flow. Manually-operated models require only a periodic turning of the handwheel to remove solids. Labor and cleaning time is usually less than 30 seconds. Labor requirements can be completely eliminated with automatic strainers that can be controlled by timers and/or pressure differential switches.

Standard Hellan Strainers are available with cast iron, cast steel, cast stainless steel and bronze construction. Each body material type is available with integral flanges in one of three configurations. Cast iron strainers are furnished with integral flanges in accordance with ANSI B16.1, class 125 or class 250, or D.I.N. specifications. Cast steel and cast stainless steel strainers are available with integral flanges in accordance with ANSI B16.5, class 150 or class 300, or D.I.N. specifications. Cast bronze strainers are available with integral flanges in accordance with ANSI B16.24, class 150 or class 300, or D.I.N. specifications.

The table below summarizes the availability of standard strainers in various body materials and flange styles. Material for internal strainer components vary, depending on the body material. Click to Enlarge

The table below provides both pressure ratings and flow rates for standard Hellan Strainers (1.5 psid with 1/32 in. perforated screen). Click to Enlarge

Hussey and Associates Inc. is a Hellan Strainer Representative.

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