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Designed, Developed, and Engineered

Hayden Hussey Elevated Monitor Towers have been Engineered to protect your assets. Our basic design stands roughly 25 feet above grade to protect your facility and surrounding areas.

Structural design of the Hayden Hussey Elevated Monitor Towers and associated platforms generally meet or exceed OSHA, AISC and ASCE 7-05 requirements. Design shall satisfy or exceed requirements set forth in applicable PIP documents (PIP STF05501 Fixed Ladders and Cages Fabrication Details, PIP STF05521 Details for Angle Railing for Walking and Working Surfaces, PIP STF05530 Grating Fabrication Details, PIP STF05535 Vessel Circular Platform Details, and PIP VEFV1100 Vessel ST Heat Exchanger Standard Details – for related nameplate and grounding lug sections, only).

Seismic, Temperature, Ice/Snow, and Wind Data shall always be considered in the design of our Elevated Monitor Towers and meet or exceed those requirements per detailed information provided by others. Additionally, we address Lifting and tailing devices in the design configurations. The final design will be stamped with Texas PE stamp with detail drawing review and approval cycle via Texas PE. Detailed information and stipulations on what is not covered in this water tower design and engineering scope will be provided at time of consultation.

Basic Tower Physical Characteristics

Our Basic Tower is constructed of 18"Ø SA-106 Gr.B SMLS SCH.80 (XS) pipe, 24'-7" base to flange, (8"-12") Flanged Inlet Nozzle, (1) 4" Flanged Monitor (outlet) Nozzle, caged ladder and platform per PIP Standards, fabrication and testing per ASME VIII and NFPA, Hot Dip Galvanized - inside and out - after fabrication, 10% X-Ray, Hydro Tested to NFPA specifications, Vessel U-Stamp registered with National Board. Provided with unistrut for cable tray and MCU Mounting.

Tower Customability

If you need something a bit more (or less) than our Basic Elevated Tower Monitor, give us a call. A Hayden Hussey Representative will work with you to provide the Elevated Monitor Towers required to protect your facility and surrounding areas.

Hayden Hussey Elevated Tower Monitor

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